The Onesies For Adults

This year’s “Pajama Party” theme is “Singing Sesame Street Characters” and that means the “Boys Santa” and “Care Bears Christmas” are going to be the main focal points of the party. Traditionally, the most popular animals on the show are the ones wearing cute little onesie pajamas. Adults like these because they are cute, cuddly and yet still have a message of love and caring for others that they convey through their costume. Kids love these characters because they are diverse enough not to be just another one of the millions of “mainstream” animals that everyone grew up watching. They are characters that adults can identify with, which makes them great vehicles for Parents to use in teaching kids about the difference between love and hate, or the importance of treating others how you would want to be treated.

The traditional Christmas animal onesie pajamas are often made of thick polar fleece. This makes it very soft to the touch but also keeps the feet warm and dry – perfect for those long nights when you have to put out the fire after dinner and everyone is tired and cranky from all of the cooking. In addition, the polar fleece used in most children’s polar fleece sleepwear is breathable and will allow air to circulate without getting stale. While some adults may not find these benefits of the thermal properties of polar fleece appealing, it is a universal fact that the body can’t hold on to heat and that it needs airflow to keep warm.

The “Boys Santa” costume is one that is particularly nice for those of us with little boys that still love to dress up as Santa Claus. Adult women have certainly come a long way when it comes to creating sexy costumes, but nothing says “grown-up” quite like a pair of unclothed onesies that hang loose and don’t pinch or bind. These unfoothed onesies can be found in black and red, white and green, or the classic red and white combination of hot dog and Santa. The “Boys Santa” costume will have adult men taking one look at their reflection in the mirror and begging to wear this costume again until they have had enough of the Santa suit!

Baby girls are probably the biggest fans of the all-in-one onesies for adults. These cute little onesies are often made of soft plush materials that crinkle and soften when touched. They come in many different colors and patterns and are often machine washable so washing one is as easy as using a machine. Plus, there are also many items that can be purchased separately from these enemies to make a matching ensemble such as the “Fur Real My Lovin’ Pals”, “Pumpkin Time”, “Furreal Friends”, or “The Little Drummer Boy”. Some of these items are quite a bit smaller than the larger ones so they may not fit well inside the bigger ones, but you can always add on a washcloth and some extra tissue paper to deal with the occasional shrinkage.

All in all, the best thing about the onesies for adults is that they are available in such a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns. You can find a style that fits perfectly into your own unique personal style! Also, it is nice to know that many of these items are machine washable and can be used over again!

Overall, the onesies for adults are a thoughtful and sweet gift idea for anyone on your shopping list. They are adorable, practical, and colorful. They are perfect for gifts during the holidays, birthdays, baby showers, or just as a fun, unique, and fun gift for yourself. Who says you need a baby or a toddler to dress up to delight everyone? Give the gift of a baby on a stick!