Kigurumi Blue Eeyore Onesies Animal Pajamas 

Eeyore is a very pessimistic donkey! Eeyore is very kind and humorous. He is a melancholy philosopher. He was always grateful for what he had. He likes to take pity on himself and enjoy the pleasure of self pity. He always said that no one cared about him, but he couldn’t help peeping into other people’s eyes whether to stay on him. Eeyore often makes fun of himself and plays a sense of humor. He is used to caring about all his friends in a loving but slow way. It’s admirable to be so kind. But the pink bow on his tail is his little optimism about the world.

He is a good friend of Winnie the Pooh. Although he has some pessimism, it does not affect his friendship with Winnie. Have you ever thought about wearing Eeyore’s pajamas when your friends are wearing them? This blue one-piece Pajama is very suitable for home wear because of its excellent quality and, importantly, the lovely shape of Eeyore.


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