Is This The Beginning Of A Good Good Breakup?

Tig’s growing absence and Luke Kwon’s appearances in videos have led to many theories and ideas about what is going on. Morris makes clear in this video that he and Good Good have officially split on mutual terms. However, there is a lot to leave to speculation as there was a video that never aired. 

As Tig explains here in the video, there were different values and visions that caused them to grow apart. For many fans, it will be a heartbreaker since he added a lot of value, gamesmanship, and entertainment.

Micah’s wishes are to pursue professional golf, it wasn’t to join another YouTube channel or to other ventures. His goal remains the same to give his best shot at the PGA Tour, but while doing so, he is building up his sponsorship deals in the process. 


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There isn’t bad blood or things of the like, as Micah explains in the video. However, it seems that if we want to speculate that Bubbie or Garrett could leave next if someone were to do so. Bubbie could potentially be an option in the future to be a caddy for Micah or even Garrett, Tig’s cousin, to pursue things more on his own with GM Golf.

Though nothing is happening as of right now, it makes you wonder what is happening behind the scenes. Micah wanted to keep things simple and to the point in the video without saying too much or creating any unnecessary drama because he wants to see Good Good succeed and keep growing.

What is next for Good Good?

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