Augusta National Lengthens Hole No. 13, Removes Traditional Eagle Chance at Masters

It’s a tradition unlike any other.

We’re not talking about the Masters itself; rather, Augusta National’s penchant for lengthening the famous course regularly.

After it became famous for “Tiger-proofing” following Tiger Woods’ easy wins there in 1997 and the early 2000s, the course has been regularly lengthened as well over the years to make it difficult for long hitters.

Now, the par-5, 510-yard 13th hole has been targeted this offseason.

It is Finished…

Augusta National has finally extended the 13th hole.

No. 13 – Azalea – Par: 5

1934 yardage: 480
2022 yardage: 510
2023 yardage: ???

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The eye in the sky found that the tee box on the hole known as Azalea has been pushed back deep into the woods. While the course won’t reveal the exact length until the week before the 2023 Masters, it looks like the hole will play about 540 yards now.

More importantly, the narrow tee box will likely prevent players from easily reaching the green in two. Last year, for example, Rory McIlroy hit a 3-wood and left an approach of 210 yards. Another 3-wood later, and McIlroy was on the green with an eagle chance.

While a booming drive still might leave an eagle opportunity, we won’t see shots like this anymore.

Masters 2018: Jordan Spieth | 13th Hole, Round 4

— Masters Highlights (@MastersMoments) April 8, 2018

Jordan Spieth’s tee shot reached the pine straw in 2018, which will likely be unreachable with the new hole’s design.

Last year, just nine golfers were under par in the Masters, so it’s a curious move for the course to increase the difficulty once again, but we’ll see what happens come April with this new wrinkle to the historic course.

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