SIHH 2015 High-end Watches–Surprise Changes

2015 SIHH last for one week and will come to an end. Every year, this fair would bring infinite surprise and expectations to us, and this year would be not expectation, and it seems that we have more surprise than we expect. So let’s take a look at those then, and see what’s their performances. And now we first look at the Jaeger-Le Coulter. There is no new movement but still we have a bunches of new watches, such as the moon phase watches–3887. It may disappears in many new watches, including its celestial watches, and its hairspring watches, which means that it contains the perpetual calendar that would rotate a circle after 100 years, and would take 18 second to move the tourbillon for one circle. So it is quite attractive and fascinating, particularly the complicated celestrial watches.

This year, Panerai Mare Nostrum comes big size that could reach 52 mm, but when you wear it on your wrist, it touches your wrist perfectly and you won’t feel heavy. Its wide design and case is quite beautiful, and as it is a souvenir watch, it is only sold at Italy and most importantly, it has only 99 limited edition.

Monblanc is the most impressive brands that I have seen in the following two days, as it has a bunches of new watches, and makes them more beautiful. Watches includes the tourbillon watch that could stop for seconds, but the most impressive feature is the complication, including what it now focuses. It has a lower price, lowering the price in the luxurious watches.

This year, Parmigiani is interesting, as no one would talk about the new editions, and what replaces it is the show. What impresses us the that it collaborates with a partner and make a Lalique. This new edition is almost the same, and only there are some changes on the dial color and its specifics.

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