High-quality Replica Watches – Patek Philippe 3939

If you are a lover of the Patek Philippe, you may know about the Patek Philippe Ref.2419, Ref.1415, and Ref.3974, which are separately representing the perpetual calendar/chrononograph, worldtimer and minute repeater. Today, let’s go through another different combination from the Patek Philippe’s family – Patek Philippe-3939, which is the combination of minute repeater and tourbillon with high collection value for the watches collectors.

What we could know about the earliest tourbillon is the one that was sold to Jame Ward Packard, the America Auto guru. It includes the minute repeater and tourbillon. Comparing to the perpetual calendar, minute repeater and chronograph, Patek Philippe obviously did not pay much attention to such complicate system. In 1945, Andre Bornand invented the first tourbillon. In 1958, after Henri Sterns become the president, Andre Bornand changed a rectangular 34S movement into a 34T movement with tourbillon, and developed the first watch with tourbillon-the Ref.3834. Due to lack of effective solutions to the energy reserve, the world tourbillon system become popular in 1980. It is not until 2003 did Patek Philippe rolled out a square watch with tourbillon-5101P which power reserve can last 10 days. We all know that, in the 150th anniversary, Patek Philippe released its Calibre 89, a pocket watch and two famous 3979 and 3974. Ref.3979 is a pure minute repeater watch. Three years later, Patek Philippe Ref.3939 came to exist and became more popular than 3979. Ref.3939 has a 33 mm size of case and Breguet number time indexes.

In this post, we mention all Patek Philippe watches with tourbillon. Basically, there are closely connects to minute repeater and tourbillon, including minute repeater/tourbillon 5539 and minute repeater/perpetual calendar/tourbillon 5207 and 5216. In our four post, we mention all 4 series of Patek Philippe that had the most amazing feat in the market.

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