Cartier New Astrocalendaire Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar

In the 2014 SIHH in Geneva, Cartier promoted some grand complications, such as Rontode de Cartier, and Astrocalendaire. Two shares some traits, such as asymmetric dial that display hour and minute and they are all placed in the Rontonde case. This Astrocalendaire still has something different. At the center of the dial, three scales counter circle around the tourbillon and they separately display calendar, month, and date. This circular design reminds us of the amphitheater. What’s more, perpetual calendar on Astrocalendaire is highly readable and rare watch brands do that.

Behind Astrocalendaire’s good readability and simplicity, it is fitted with complicate protection. The local driven system can replace most leverages and springs on the perpetual calendar. This new system solve a problem that adjust time should avoid a certain period of time, usually, the middle-night, because at this time, the perpetual calendar is fragile and easy to break. Just like all other Cartier complication movement, Astrocalendaire is developed by Cartier Carole Forestier-Kasapi. In addition to develop protection system to protect drive structure, they also developed a new mechanism to protect calendar, and it is easy to make any adjustment. Many side buttons serve for that purpose.

For this branded new Cartier Astrocalendaire Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar watch, the wearers can set time, date and month through date and they can do it bidirectionally. It is surely a great challenge to realize such easy operation on perpetual calendar. To better balance dial and make it look harmonious, hour and minute counters of this Cartier watch form an “8-shape”. Through such distortion, it brings some kind of balance but sacrifice the reading on two dials, but spending time staring at the rotating tourbillon could make up that loss. Astrocalendaire that has a 47 platinum case only has a limited number of 100, and if you love it, just buy yours right now!

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